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Rehau Bevelled Window Rosewood

An industry classic, the timber window

Supplied, installed and maintained by Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd, Reading's window and door specialists. Read on to learn more about this option for your property.


Undisputed elegancy and style

Timber windows have long been used across our industry, and this environmentally friendly, sustainable solution is slowly growing in popularity once more. The life expectancy of these frames is around 50-70 years, with the possibility to be easily repaired, painted to change the appearance, and reconfigured to include the latest security mechanisms.


Though uPVC comes with many other benefits, these plastic units often end their journey in landfill. Wood, however, can be repurposed making this a more planet-conscious decision for homes and businesses in Reading. Available with single, double and triple glazing, the wood's natural insulating properties lend to its excellent energy efficiency rating, giving you the stunning appearance and uniqueness of natural timber whilst doing what's right for the building. 

Rehau Oak

Why should you choose timber windows? 

Timber windows are a superior frame option for many reasons, and we wanted to share just some of these with our customers across Reading, allowing you to make the right decision for your upgrade or new installation, non-least your pocket! 

  • Less contraction and expanding than with metal windows 

  • Will not crack or bend 

  • Environmentally sound

  • Unmatched elegance and a traditional aesthetic with modern capabilities 

  • Timber windows tend to hold their value 

  • Can add value to your property 

  • A natural insulator, excellent for thermal efficiency 

  • Easy to maintain and repair

  • A style that's timeless even as trends and fashions evolve

  • Can be stained or painted to suit your property

Rosewood Windows and Solidor

Experience the difference with our professional installation

Combined with Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd's excellent installation and sealing process, timber windows can offer the level of performance your property requires, despite the UK's harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. We approach each installation with the precision and care it deserves, irrespective of its complexity. Make us your chosen suppliers and utilise the expertise and experience of our skilful team. 

Give us a call on 0118 986 8866 to learn more about timber windows and costs
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