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UPVC Bay Window Internal 1

Bow and bay windows for larger openings

Utilise your room's space and its impressive bay window with a helping hand from Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd, Reading. Learn the difference between bay and bow frames and their uncontested beauty. 


Bay VS bow windows

Though often mistaken for one another, bow and bay windows have their own unique characteristics, and once you grasp these differences, you'll have the knowledge to make the right match for your property. The bay window typically has three openings with one centre window and two, often smaller windows at either side. This simplistic, clean look is often preferred to match the modern home.


The bow window often showcases four or five openings, all the same size, that are curved to fill the entire space and appear rounded from the exterior of the building. Having multiple glass panels of the same height and width can allow for the entrance of more natural light, a bonus for properties across Reading. The curvature of the frames works well with large, challenging openings, and lends itself to classic Victorian style. 

UPVC Bay Window

We're here to help

Still a little unsure about which model would be most suitable for your property? Don't worry, that's what Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd is here for. We've put together some of the main features and benefits, but feel free to call us should you like additional information. 

  • Both available with either fixed or vented units, depending on your ventilation needs 

  • The bow window offers a classic Victorian look 

  • The bay window is minimalist, ideal for modern buildings 

  • Bow windows can be wrapped around the corner of a building, creating a unique, uniform shape 

  • Both models create the ultimate focal point for your space

  • Energy efficient and excellent thermal properties 

  • Allow for the entrance of light from all corners of the bay 

  • Customisable to suit your property in Reading

Bay Window with Flowers

Authentic designs without the maintenance

Every property is unique, which is why we deem it imperative that you find the most suitable window unit for your building. With a team that holds over 40 years' experience, we can use our industry knowledge and understanding to recommend a solution that works for today and in the future. All you have to do is call Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd, and we'll do the rest. 

Choose the glazing experts to discuss our bow and bay window options. Call 0118 986 8866 
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