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Open tilt and turn window

Let fresh air flow freely with our tilt and turn windows

A stunning collection that's as visually appealing as it is accessible, secure and efficient. Discover the purpose of tilt and turn windows and how they could enhance your property in Reading. Reach out to Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd today. 


For draught-free ventilation 

If you've considered our effective casement window but would prefer additional freedom when it comes to opening capability, our tilt and turn product can offer the best of both worlds. With dual functionality, your new unit will have two opening methods; turn, which enables you to open and close the window as you would a standard casement window, and tilt, which allows you to open the top area only. This additional option means you can allow fresh air to enter the room whilst keeping most of the glass area closed, protecting your home from the elements, and keeping it secure. 

As with all products from Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd, you'll enjoy premium build quality as well as future-proof designs that are thoughtfully manufactured to maximise your property's efficiency and keep you comfortable. 

Hand gripping window handle and pulling it open

The benefits are manifold

As expected from our tilt and turn windows, the main callout is their multi-functionality however, there are many other features and benefits to consider when looking at this option for your home or business in Reading: 

  • Innovative air-seals used, mitigating the risk of draughts and leaks 

  • Enhanced heat retention and exceptional insulation properties 

  • Large glass area for an unrestricted view of the outside world

  • Increased safety with only a small gap when tilted, preventing the risk when open

  • The tilted opening can prevent rainwater entering the property, allowing you to use your window in all weather conditions

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean 

  • User flexibility, allowing you to let in as much or as little fresh air as you require, perfect for those cooler days 

  • Versatile, simple design

  • Ideal for smaller spaces where a large swinging window isn't feasible or safe

  • Multiple opening positions available - turn the handle 90 degrees to swing the window inward and open fully. Turn the handle 180 degrees to tilt the unit and use the top aperture

Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows

A safer alternative for the family home

Having an open window in the presence of young children can certainly pose a risk to their safety, especially if on the top level. However, by opting for the small opening of the tilt option, you can easily eliminate the danger of accidents without compromising ventilation. In addition to protecting those inside the home, the smaller gap will prevent access from anyone outside the property, for added peace of mind all round. 

Let's see if the tilt and turn window is right for you. Call our team in Reading on 0118 986 8866 
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