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Luxury bathroom with mirrors, sink, shower and toilet

Terms & conditions



  • Removal of existing frame

  • Install new into existing aperture

  • Making good internal plaster and external rendering immediately adjoining new frame, providing the existing materials are in a sound condition

  • Sealing externally with mastic

  • Removal of waste materials from site unless otherwise notified in writing by the customer



  • Interior window boards (unless allowed for on quotation)

  • Alterations to brickwork openings (unless allowed for on quotation)

  • Making good interior decoration, tiles, wallpaper or paintwork

  • Electrical work

  • Supply and erection of any special scaffolding, hoarding or shoring (other than our standard lower scaffolding)

  • New or replacement lintels should they be found to be necessary at time of installation

  • Soffit boards or fascia boards

  • Removal of internal reveals linings and architrave and making good with plaster finish (unless allowed for on quotation)

  • Any work to move obstructions i.e. radiators, pipes, fitted furniture etc

  • Units removed to be in condition for re-use



All prices are subject to satisfactory survey.


Sizes need to be confirmed by the customer or builder. Somerville Glass & Windows LTD will not take any measurements when ‘Supply Only’ purchases are made. Somerville Glass & Windows LTD will also take no liability if sizes are incorrect. All orders need to be signed off confirming prior manufacture (email confirmation is excepted when ordering over the phone or when the customer has no access to a printer).

If a fitter is required for ‘Supply Only’, Somerville Glass & Windows LTD can recommend a fitter to be used. This is only a recommendation to the customer. The customer is not contracted to use this fitter.

As a recommended fitter is used, Somerville Glass & Windows LTD will take no liability for the fitting. If issues arise with the fitting then contact with the fitters (only) need to be made directly to them and not Somerville Glass & Windows LTD. (Recommend fitters may use Somerville Glass & Windows vans, however this does not mean Somerville Glass & Windows LTD has fitted the windows)


Payments for fitting will be between the ‘recommended fitter’ and the ‘customer’. No payments will be made to Somerville Glass & Windows LTD for fitting where a recommend fitter is used.



Do not rely on email notification of bank account changes without direct verbal confirmation from a trusted source from a person working within the office at Somerville Glass and Windows LTD. We as a business will not accept responsibility if you transfer money into an incorrect bank account. Somerville Glass & Windows LTD will not notify customers of changes to bank details via emails. This will either be done verbally or written confirmation on our invoices.

Supply & Installation:

The balance of purchase price is payable when the products have been installed or delivered in accordance with the terms of the contract.
Payment can be made to the installer in cash or cheque in favour of the Company unless you hold an account with the Company.

Supply Only: 

50% Deposit is required on ordering (Payment in full if order is under £500.00). 50% Balance payment is due on collection or before delivery is made (Delivery cost will vary, ask for details). No delivery will be made unless payment is made prior.

Payment can be made by card, cash or cheque (Payable to Somerville Glass & Windows LTD)



The customer will accept delivery or provide reasonable access to enable installation to be completed as soon as advised that the units are ready. If within 6 weeks of such advice an appointment for installation or delivery in accordance with the contract has not been fixed, the balance of purchase price is then due and payable and installation or delivery will follow at a mutually convenient date.

When the customer has ordered (by one or more contracts) a number of separate products, which can be supplied or fitted independently of each other, the company will endeavour to install such products at dates as close as possible to each other but

  1. The Company shall be entitled to supply and install such products separately;

  1. The Company may render separate invoices in respect of each such product and

  1. Payment in respect of each such invoice shall be due as provided in paragraph 1 even though some or all of the other products have not yet been supplied or fitted.

The delivery and installation period quoted is that anticipated at the time of the order and will be improved upon if at all possible. If the work is not completed within the delivery period stated in the contract, the customer may serve notice on the supplier in writing, requiring that the work be completed within such reasonable period as the customer may specify (in general the company would accept 6 weeks as being reasonable).  If the work is not completed within such extended period, the customer may cancel the uncompleted work covered by the contract without penalty to himself by the service of a written notice to that effect on the supplier. Not withstanding the foregoing the company shall not be liable for any delay in the completion of the work which arises from causes beyond the reasonable control of the company and in the event that time has been made the essence of the contract, time shall not run during any period when delay on that account is operating. Whether written notice is being served to make time of the essence or cancellation is being effected after such notice, in the interests of certainty it is recommended that it be sent by recorded delivery.



Any variation to the order specified overleaf must be notified in writing and received by Somerville Glass & Windows Ltd within 48 hours of completed survey. Costs incurred by Somerville Glass & Windows Ltd for any alterations after this period will be deemed to be the responsibility of the purchaser.


(1) The Company guarantees to repair or replace free of all charges for materials, any items supplied and installed by this company which develops a fault due to defective materials, manufacture or workmanship, if written notice of any such fault, defect or poor workmanship is given within the following time periods from the date of installation.
Frame profile integrity and manufacture – 10 years for white PVCu profiles or aluminium powder coated finishes.
Frame profile integrity and manufacture –   5 years for woodgrain or other foiled PVCu profiles.
Sealed unit double glazing                  –   5 years
Window handles and locking systems    –   2 years
Door furniture and locking systems       –   2 years
All other ancillaries & accessories        –   2 years

(2)    The Company guarantees to provide appropriate labour in the event of any claim as detailed in item 1 above on the following basis from the date of installation
Up to 2 years – no charge
Over  2 years – labour will be charged at cost.

  1. The guarantee in item 1 above does not apply to minor imperfections in glass or the incidence, prevention or elimination of condensation (except to that between the panes of a sealed unit). The glass used is of the appropriate quality but may have minor imperfections and as the company cannot supply glass to a higher standard than the manufacturers can provide; the glass in hermetically sealed double glazing will comply with the visual quality standard.

  1. The guarantee does not extend to damage or faults due to accident, misuse, neglect or fair wear and tear.

  1. In the case of a contract of sale the rights set out in these guarantees are given in addition to, and not in substitution for; all the customers rights under common law or by statue.

  1. The Company gives such undertakings as to the title of goods as are implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods act 1979.

  1. In the event of sale of the property, this guarantee transfers to the new owners.

  1. This Guarantee only becomes valid when the final invoice for the work undertaken is paid in full.



Where contracts are negotiated away from business premises, if you the customer are unhappy with your contract for any reason, it can be cancelled and a refund of the deposit can be obtained by giving notice in writing addressed to the Company at 209 Shinfield Road, Reading, Berks, RG2 8HA, sent within 7 days of the date on which the contract was signed. It is recommended that any cancellation be sent by recorded delivery.

The customer should ensure that any representative or promise made before or at the time of signature to the contract not included in the printed form of the contract is added in writing on the face of the contract and signed by the customer and the company or its agent. In this way there will be no doubt as to the terms of the representation or promise.



It is the responsibility of the purchaser of glass not for installation by the company to ensure that the glass is used correctly and that its application conforms to current regulations and the British Standards Codes of Practice. Our staffs are able to advice on the correct and safe use of glass and the appropriate methods of glazing.



Pattern and sizes of leaded light layouts (diamond or rectangle) or Georgian Bar Designs to be supplied to manufacturers’ recommendation unless otherwise notified in writing by the customer.



Pattern and sizes of Georgian bar layouts to be supplied to manufacturers’ recommendations unless otherwise notified by customer in writing.



Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd support the GGF Code of Good Practice as promoted by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and undertake to work within its guidelines. A copy of the Code is available at our Head Office.



Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd will accept no responsibility for any damage that may occur from structural or other defects in the property and any complaint for claim for which the company is liable under the terms and conditions must be made in writing to reach the company within 72 hours of installation. Failure to do so may result in the Company not accepting liability.



These terms set out the entirety of the Company’s liability and, save as expressly provided in them all other terms implied by status, common law or otherwise are excluded.

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