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Enhance or replace your sealed units

Concealed unit replacements, new installations and inspections, all handled by the experts at Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd. Work with our team of experts in Reading. 


Making glazing maintenance a breeze

We promised we'd take care of all your glazing needs, and that's exactly what we'll do. Whilst the window frame and glazing option are often the main considerations, the sealed unit is another element that is worth keeping an eye on. A sealed unit is the piece that sits within the frame, consisting of two or three panes of glazed glass separated by a pocket of air. Their main goal is to minimise the transfer of heat, helping to keep your space cool in the warmer months and warm during winter.

Unfortunately, especially in older windows, the unit's seal can fail due to the expansion and contraction of the air within the panes of glass. Should this happen to your installations, Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd is here to offer rapid solutions that resolve the problem and prevent its reoccurrence. 

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Why should you choose our glaziers?

We appreciate that we operate in a competitive field, and it might feel overwhelming to find a trustworthy glazier that you can count on. But to help you make your decision easier, here are just some of the many reasons Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd continues to be chosen: 

  • Over 40 years' industry experience

  • Genuinely passionate about our products and how these can be used to enhance properties across Reading

  • Reliable, timely services that can be tailored to your schedule

  • Quality is our priority across our product range, our installations and the additional services we're able to offer to our clients

  • We take a proactive approach to maintenance 

  • Always knowledge-led advice with no pushy sales tactics 

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Tackle those glazing issues head on

Whilst a sealed unit fail may not seem like too much of an issue in the warmer weather, this can pose greater problems during the winter months. An insufficient unit can cause leaks, leading to reduced heat retention and costly heating bills, not to mention an array of other matters. We want to prevent these issues in their tracks, taking a proactive approaching to glazing maintenance. If you notice the tell-tale signs of a burst unit such as misting, raise your concerns with Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd as soon as possible.

Got a problem with your glass concealed unit? Call 0118 986 8866 for assistance
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