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Change your ceiling game with a glass roof

Replace harsh LED lighting with overhead glass and enjoy the beauty of the skies, night or day. Learn more about a lantern roof installation from Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd and what this could do for your property in Reading.


The sky’s the limit

A glass roof, professionally known as a lantern roof, is a clever way to completely elevate the average room. With enhanced double-glazed panels in place of a traditional ceiling, natural lighting can freely enter the area and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors 24/7, dramatically changing the look and feel of even the most mundane of spaces – just imagine enjoying the stars as you sit at your dinner table!


Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd can build this wonderful architectural feature into your property, adding the ‘wow’ factor both inside and out. Utilising products from Atlas, we offer brilliantly engineered systems with slim rafters for a discreet appearance and unobtrusive designs, meaning your view of the world is never obstructed.

Glass roof in pool room

Bringing you some of the best on the market

Unbeatable strength, design, and thermal efficiency - Atlas firmly holds their position as one of the top lantern roof suppliers in the industry today. We’re gladly bringing these incredible systems to clients across Reading, and here are some points we’d like you to know before getting started:

  • Thin and light yet very strong structure gives slim, clean lines and a crisp finish

  • Sightlines are reduced by 30% and the main ridge is reduced by 70% compared to other lantern roofs

  • Twice as thermally efficient as competing brands, with the best insulated rafters on the market

  • Thermal efficiency ensures comfortable year-round use of the space and helps to lower heating and cooling bills

  • Double and triple glazing options offered

  • Choice of modern and traditional lantern roof designs

  • Choice of aluminium and uPVC external caps available

  • Range of foils and finishes available, and systems can be supplied in any RAL colour

  • Double and triple glazing options offered

  • Choice of modern and traditional lantern roof designs

Ground view looking up at skies through glass roof

Let the sunshine in with Somerville Glass and Windows and Atlas lantern roofs

Atlas is a name we’ve worked with for several years. Just like Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd, the company is passionate about quality and customer satisfaction, and offers products that allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations time and time again. In addition to the superior standards of a system from Atlas, you'll get peace of mind that the installation will be managed by experts.

Whether you’re adding a new feature or replacing an existing glass roof, our skilled team will be here to guide you in making the process quick and simple, with the highest levels of attention throughout. Due to the nature of this installation, we also take extra precautions to promote the safety of our workforce and our customers. Get in touch to start a discussion about your enhancement today!

Another beautiful installation to consider!
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