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Contemporary housing

High performance aluminium doors

Smart, attractive, zero-maintenance, durable; the list of benefits for aluminium doors and windows is almost never ending. If this sounds like a product you wish to utilise, Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd is here to support you.


Designed with sustainability at the heart

Aluminium is a strong material nature which, when used for external and internal doors and windows, means extremely long-lasting, durable frames that can endure the unpredictable British weather! With this in mind, aluminium is the perfect choice for the environment-conscious and allows our clients across Reading to get more return from their investment.


In addition to their incredible longevity, the systems that Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd supplies showcase A-rated thermal efficient glazing and various safety mechanisms, to ensure optimum security for your home or business.

Aluminum door with juliet balcony

Are aluminium doors right for you?

Though the benefits of these products are manifold, we want to ensure they’re the right choice for you. To help you come to your decision, please see some of their features and benefits in the list below:

  • Slim, clean lines and a crisp, elegant appearance enhance both the interior and exterior appearance of your building

  • Naturally lightweight, making them very easy to use and install

  • Durable and extremely resistant to corrosion, resulting in a long lifespan

  • Able to cope with even the most extreme weather conditions

  • A practical choice: no maintenance and easy cleaning

  • Increased security and safety

  • Excellent thermal efficiency rating, helping to keep the property warm in the winter months and cool during summer

  • A recyclable, environmentally friendly choice for the conscientious property owner

  • A range of styles and finishes available

  • Can be sprayed in any RAL colour

  • Wide choice of accessories, such as handles and latches

  • Versatile for every type of property, old and new, domestic and commercial

Black aluminium doors leading to commercial building

A stunning choice for properties across Reading

Though chosen for their durability, there’s no arguing how stylish aluminium doors can look! Today’s models are available in a range of finishes and colours, not just the traditional metallic or white. This makes it a very versatile option that can cater to a range of preferences. 

Think they might be for you? Our friendly team is ready to take your call! For over 40 years we’ve been the chosen name for the supply and installation of products that deliver our promise on quality and reliability; all you have to do is find the right one for your property in Reading.

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