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White lily flowers on contemporary kitchen island bench

Increase the appeal of your bathroom or kitchen with our splashbacks

A range of unique designs all fitted by Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd for clients in Reading. Find your ideal product today!


The contemporary alternative to tiles and stainless steel

In the past, our customers across Reading were extremely limited in terms of their options for kitchen and bathroom surrounds. Tiles or stainless steel, both notoriously difficult to clean and often a little too cold and clinical for many homeowners, were some of the only products on the market. Until the glass splashback came along. Supplied and fitted by Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd, this alternative is ideal for any customer looking to add a personal touch to their walls.


With high-quality, glossy finishes and wide scope for personalisation, glass splashbacks have become the top choice for discerning homeowners who want a fresh, contemporary look for their space. Combining beauty and practicality, glass splashbacks make a sleek, elegant addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Get yours today!

Silver splashback installed against brick wall in kitchen

The benefits of choosing a glass splashback

Though they may not seem like a big improvement, splashbacks from Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd have real potential to add character and uniqueness to your room. Below are even more reasons this simple addition might be worthwhile for your property:

  • Quick and easy to install, with no messy grouting. Much easier to clean than traditional tiles

  • Practical and durable, with none of the ongoing maintenance of tiles

  • Provide a warmer, more inviting look than stainless steel splashbacks

  • Made from 6mm toughened glass for safety and peace of mind

  • Precision cut for a perfect finish every time

  • Can be cut to any shape and size

  • Highly polished finish creates a contemporary look that works in almost any space

  • Wide range of vibrant colours available. Can be sprayed to match any RAL or Dulux colour

  • A simple and affordable way to update the look and feel of a room, allowing you to put your own stamp on the space

Neon green customer splashbacks in kitchen with black and silver oven

We can even help the keen DIYer

If you’re keen to fit the splashback yourself, that’s absolutely fine – we’ll happily supply the glass you require for a DIY installation. Though you may not require physical help from our team, we’ll still be on hand to offer any guidance and tips we can, so you can get the most from your project.

If you wish to utilise our full services, we can guarantee the sleek, faultless installation you’d expect from a professional with over 40 years’ experience. Not to mention a guiding hand in finding the most suitable colour and design to add to your desired room. Call on our professionals to take your ideas to fruition.

Discover what a simple change with Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd can do.
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