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This modern hallway has decor and tile floors

Lead light installations for properties across Reading

Carefully crafted by a skilled workforce, add character to properties old and new with lead lights by Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd.


Glass installations that showcase our talent

Also known as lead light windows, leaded lights are decorative stained and non-coloured windows made of glass and lead, in which the sections of glass are held in place by lead canes or strips. In British homes leaded lights are traditionally seen above the entranceway or in a small hallway window, reflecting gorgeous colours as the sun shines in and creating a traditional, fanciful look from the outside.


Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd is one of the few companies in Reading that have the ability and expertise to work with lead lighting. By blending the latest glasswork technology with time-honoured skill, we hope to keep traditions like this alive.

Lead light depicting flying angel with halo

The traditional way to customise your building

Once a popular addition to properties across Reading, lead light installations are quickly reclaiming their reputation as more homeowners across the area realise their allure. We’ve never doubted the beauty of these glass decorations and here’s why:

  • Available in a choice of traditional styles or contemporary designs making them suitable for any building

  • They create a charming, elegant look that enhances both the exterior and interior of a property

  • We can supply coloured glass to seamlessly blend in with existing leaded lights

  • Adding new leaded lights is a simple way to reintroduce character to an older property

  • Leaded lights can be custom-made to fit any size and shape

  • There’s a range of thicknesses available, including toughened glass

  • Huge scope for customisation to suit your tastes

  • Superb level of workmanship gives you a unique decorative piece that will last for many years

Lead light with flower design above external front door

Enhance your existing lead lights with reservation and reconditioning

Though we believe in stylising your property and ensuring your building is equipped with the latest glazing and security technology, we’ll never make our customers spend money if they don’t need to. That’s why our glaziers offer repairs as well as new installations.

Once we’ve evaluated the damage, we’ll recommend the best way forward to enhance your leaded lights without conducting a full replacement. We’re always open and honest with our customers and will never recommend work if it doesn’t need doing!

Reach our team in Reading
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