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Oak laminated fiberglass window with gold handle

Quick and easy double-glazing replacements

Don’t let problem glass impact your property. Allow Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd and our highly skilled glaziers to organise an upgrade.


Time for an upgrade?

Though very hard wearing, there are several factors that can cause failed double-glazed units. Severe wear and tear, storm damage, dodgy fittings and accidents are just some of the causes. Luckily, Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd has the knowledge and equipment to replace your current units, and fast!


By offering double-glazing replacements, we can tackle inefficient and unsightly glass and leave you with a system that keeps your home warm and secure and looks good doing it! Having over 40 years’ industry experience, we’ve mastered the best approach for this job and can now guarantee a quick, simple, and affordable solution that will make a huge difference to your property.

Replacement double glazing

It’s not just about the fix

Replacement glazing is not only an easy fix to most complaints but can offer many other advantages too! To help you understand what they are, the team at Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd has constructed a list of some of the key things to think about:

  • Replacing failed units instantly enhances the look of your property—and your enjoyment of it

  • Broken units can pose a serious security issue, so replacing them can help increase security and safety

  • Replacement units are affordable, saving you the cost of replacing the whole window

  • Our replacement units are tough, durable and very thermally efficient

  • We can provide a quick turnaround on sealed units of around 2–5 working days

  • A wide range of styles and finishes are available to suit absolutely any property

  • We will match any pattern and finish, ensuring the replacement units blend well with your existing double-glazing

  • We can replace failed double-glazing units in any type of building, including commercial and public buildings as well as residential properties

Replacement double glazing hero image

Chosen for supply only and installations for over 4 decades

The quality of your double-glazing replacement isn’t just down to sourcing the correct materials in terms of size and spec. It’s also about the installation. Our time-served professionals make easy work of this intricate task, and we ensure every upgrade conducted meets our extremely high completion standards.

Though we do recommend employing one of our experts to deal with the installation for you, we do still offer a supply only option, and aim to have your required products ready and with you as quickly as possible.

Discuss costs by calling our team
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