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Origin doors and windows, brought to you by Reading’s experts

For a home as unique as you, choose Origin for bespoke, stylistic and practical products that guarantee to enhance your property in more ways than one!


Industry leading products, made here in the UK

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, the Origin Home collection offer some of the finest quality products on the market today. Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd is proud to offer these products to our customers across Reading, allowing you to enjoy windows and doors that have been designed with functionality and innovation in mind and built with you at the heart.

The Origin door – visually stunning and ultra-secure

It’s no secret that efficient and secure internal and external doors are crucial for any property, but it’s not always easy to find a system that can deliver on design, aesthetic, and practicality all in one. We’re here to change that. Introducing the Origin door range, beautifully crafted and expertly executed, to enhance your property irrespective of its age or style

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Origin ASP3726_rt CROP large scaled

Showcasing premium grade aluminium and innovative security components, Origin offers their OB-49 and OB-72 high grade doors in bi-fold, corner bi-fold, traditional French, and single door configurations, complementing your property perfectly, whether it’s a new build, extension, or period style cottage.

  • A simple way to completely transform the look of your space

  • Vigorously resistance tested glass for uninterrupted view of your outdoors

  • Exceptional thermal properties, for longer summer days and warmer winter evenings

  • Flawless 8-point locking system, delivering one of the best in security and weatherproofing

  • Can be upgraded to include barrel for additional peace of mind

  • Chamfered 20mm linear bolts for smoother operation when engaging with lock

  • Practical and safe – even for tiny fingers - changing the way your home is interacted with

  • Available in a range of finishes and colours, to match your desired aesthetic

  • The OB-72 sliding folding door system features a unique free-glide running system for smooth operation

  • Engineered from the OB-72, the OB-49 showcases slimline profiles for a larger glass surface and panoramic viewing

  • Manufactured in the UK using premium grade materials, including aluminium

  • Perfect for almost any property type, from residential to commercial and public buildings

  • 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee included

Origin brochure

The Origin window – where beauty and elegance meet

Elevate the ordinary with help from Somerville Glass and Windows Ltd and the Origin window range. These slimline yet durable systems allow you to open up the space whilst allowing natural light to flood the room. Depending on your individual requirements, and those of the installation, you’ll have the option to choose from both OW-70 and OW-80 products, each featuring exceptional finishes and stunning designs, with the main difference being the width of the window sightlines. Our team can tell you more about each window’s features and benefits and help you choose the right for your property in Reading.

Origin Windows

Safety and security are paramount

Due to the sheer importance that security has on your window or door’s performance, Origin ensures this, as well as your safety, are critical design priorities throughout every creation. Their team of experts have developed the outstandingly secure and completely unique 8-point locking system, which not only conforms to all current security standards, but also achieved the prestigious Secure by Design status.

Have our Origin doors and windows sparked your interest? Call 0118 986 8866 to learn more
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